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Plan resources and prevent disruptions

Monitoring as an instrument of quality assurance and budget planning

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long-term monitoring

The automated generation of long-term statistics from the measured values enables you to carry out capacity or budget planning. In addition, the collected data can provide important indications of systematic availability problems and corresponding approaches to solving them.

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Real-time monitoring

By continuously monitoring the functionality of services, malfunctions can be registered and those responsible can be informed accordingly. Thus problems can be solved before the users notice them.


An important objective of monitoring is to determine the cause of problems that are manifested by deviations of the measured values recorded from the normal value. Thus, problems and causes can be detected and eliminated in time before major damage occurs. We support you in introducing IT monitoring as a living process in your company.

IT Systems and Infrastructure

The consistent monitoring of the network and its (virtual) hardware is more than necessary in times of high availability. We enable you, depending on your requirements, centralized or decentralized network monitoring in order to view location and distributed systems independently or in context. By using proactive and continuous monitoring of business-critical hardware, you can also counteract cyber risks in a targeted manner. Suspicious event data can thus be analyzed automatically and then evaluated by experts.


IT services and processes

Not only IT systems and networks are mission-critical elements, but also the smooth running of the overlying IT services, application tasks and backup jobs are vital for the operation. The processes relevant for monitoring can vary greatly from company to company. Together with you, we analyze your processes and develop a suitable monitoring strategy for you.


Quality and performance

Information about the quality of the services provided is not recorded in the reporting of most service providers. This makes it impossible to check the quality of service and counteract network bottlenecks and disruptions. Sporadically occurring problems cannot be reconstructed without performance comparison values and history. With the help of continuous monitoring of the service quality, information about possible causes of faults, affected network sections and deviations from performance guidelines can be provided.